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Soldiers Of The Damned
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WWII German soldiers take an occult scientist into a haunted forest in Romania, only to be confronted by their own ghosts.

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Soldiers Of The Damned online movie review - Nazi Relic Hunters Enter a Haunted Forest

Romania 1944 and the German Wehrmacht is in full retreat from the Red Army. Battle weary commander Major Kurt Fleischer (Gil Darnell) is called into HQ to take a briefing for a top-secret mission.

Under the direct orders of Heinrich Himmler he is to escort an archaeologist from the SS Ahnenerbe behind enemy lines to search for an ancient occult artifact that Himmler believes will help the Nazis win the war. The matter is complicated by the fact that the Ahnenerbe scientist Professor Kappel (Miriam Cooke) is both female and an old girlfriend of Fleischer's. Worse than that Fleischer's crack squad is to be accompanied by SS Major Metzger (Lucas Hansen), Fleischer's' men hate the SS and Fleischer has a bit of previous with Hansen.

Crossing behind enemy lines things start to get creepy when the soldiers catch mysterious glimpses of things in the woods, the gory remnants of the previous mission turn up and Fleischer's' men start to combust. What is the secret Kappel and her SS buddies are looking for and is it worth the death of his men? Only Fleischer can decide.

Soldiers of the Damned is a dark gritty occult chiller with just a hint of Raiders of the Lost Ark about it, here the real monsters are not necessarily the supernatural ones. There is plenty of well staged gory action and despite the tiny budget the props and costumes have a really authentic look to them. James Martin's cinematography is perfectly complimented by Tug's dramatic soundtrack. The only let down is the odd bit of clunky dialogue, but it is good to see most of the Germans being portrayed as ordinary blokes with only the real Nazis as truly evil.

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