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Jin Ying is currently experiencing two of life’s most depressing moments: She is jilted by her fiancé, and her loving grandmother passes away. Heartbroken, she decides to visit the European city of Prague, and hopes to use the time to heal her inner pain. While in Prague, she meets a young Chinese man named Punk. There, she slowly unravels a secret romance her grandmother once experienced long ago.

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Somewhere Only We Know online movie review - There is a serious identity crisis here

okay, what we got here is about a bunch of Chinese young people traveled, escaped, moved, migrated to one of the European countries trying so hard to re-discover, to rebuild,

to rejuvenate, to find and to realize their souls, themselves, their beings, their lives and whatever they thought possible by just going to a foreign country, the only way to achieve such immature whims, by getting out of china, they would then become totally free new self.

but is it true, or is it possible? the new and rich generation of the Chinese got a very serious identity crisis. when they decide to get married, the brides would ask their bridegroom-to-be to have their weddings in an European castle or an European catholic church, or a Tuscany or a Provence vineyard. they would prefer drinking a famous brand of red wine from Europe instead of their Chinese wine. they would insist having a western styled wedding without any trace of their Chinese origin, wearing white wedding gowns, hiring music band to play western romantic music. everything and anything must in be western style. the Chinese women must have a big diamond ring for their wedding, otherwise they would feel shameful and lose face. that's the modern day Chinese young men and women, they don't like being a Chinese, they don't like to use anything Chinese, everything must be either European or American made with a brand name, otherwise, it's garbage and lose face.

this movie is exactly the living example of what i've pointed out as above. showing a bunch of unrealistic Chinese young men and young women live in Prague. they thought everything there is so romantic. then we saw a young woman with broken heart got a letter related to her grand mother, about a romance when her grandmother was in Prague, and of course, a female artist specialized in painting, met a foreign guy and...well, do i need to keep blabbering on and on? this film is such an unrealistic whim that most Chinese young men and women would like to have. but it's just a wet dream. why you have to use the European background to have a romance? why you have to have a romance that you failed to find in your motherland, your hometown and you could find it in Europe? the casting is just like the formulaic crappy screenplay, with a young male actor trying so hard to look like those so-called handsome and cool idolized Korean young male actors but with such a poor and non-exist acting talent. then we got the leading heroine who also got a very poor acting ability. then we got the actress/producer/director who played the grandmother and the lover with broken heart, then....whatever.

so when you got the investors lined up at your front door, giving you the money to produce a film; when the budget is not a problem, the money is not an object to be considered, then you have to script a screenplay that would allow you to spend the money in Europe, no matter it's realistic or not, at least the movie's background would be European, what else is not important.

this is a very shallow, naive, unrealistic, cosmetically false, and even shameless Chinese movie with fantasy-like screenplay and full of non-talented Chinese young actors. nothing rings true, and nothing looks real, except the money they spent in Prague was genuine.

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