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Sound of Christmas
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Lizzie (Booth) is a young piano teacher working at a music school while trying to save enough money for a Steinway piano. The school is gearing up for their major Christmas fundraiser and she has committed much of her time to plan the event. One afternoon, she meets Brad who takes an interest in her playing and asks if she will teach his uninterested teenage daughter. She begins to break through to the young girl, and sparks begin to fly with Brad (Dunne), but she is shocked to find out that his interest is not solely in her playing, but in the property that houses the music school. She sets out to save the school and the event, but can she work things out with Brad?

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Sound of Christmas online movie review - Average Hallmark Movie

Not a bad movie but nothing to brag about. There is not a scene in this film that has been done in other films and done better. This film steel from old Hollywood Movies as well as more current films.

In this film: During the Christmas season a high school music teacher is hired by a handsome widower to give music lessons to his teenage daughters. Their lives are turned around for the better as the family grows closer and learns the importance of love, friendship and the meaning of Christmas

There is no major ground breaking moments here. There is also nothing special. The actors are fine and they do their best with a pedestrian script.

Now this film is worth watching but as soon as its over you will not remember anything about it!

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