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A deadly game of cat and mouse ensues when a double cross by two hit men sees a business deal go sour and leaves The Target running for his life.

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Southsea Shootout online movie review - Tense Chase Thriler

The pace of the film is energetic and you'd have to be an athlete to keep up with the demands of this director. The cast manage to keep up with the demand well and create a sense of life-or-death through the action and many close calls.

I would imagine that the director has called upon actors previously filling Stormtropper suits considering their complete in-ability to make contact!

Other nods and homages are hidden, and some not so much, but I won't ruin them here, keep an eye out yourself and you will notice the director's influences > which all come together to set his own style

The gritty dialogue adds to the intensity of the chase, both in the cars and on foot. Without the musical score the film would have lost momentum a little but the score adds a huge amount of gravitas to the film and keeps the race going.

I did wonder what was in the Driver's pocket for much of the foot chase, but even more than that I wondered who was going to win, and it keeps you guessing all the way through.

The film has iconic surroundings and great lighting throughout, i can't imagine seeing the area so quiet so they must have been very committed to early mornings! It's a great little film and well worth a watch, and an impressive to watch the effects which are outstanding considering the budget. Hats are off gentlemen, well played.

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