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The Bandit Hound
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A lovable dog named Bandit starts stealing cash to help his adopted family, he unwittingly sets them on a collision course with his dangerous ex-partner.

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The Bandit Hound online movie review - Nice family movie

I'm not a dog-person and I don't have kids. Still, this movie was fun and a nice way to spend an evening.

It's obviously a kids movie, but even though it's a simple story line there are plenty of layers and jokes for adults to keep everybody happy. The dog is dangerously cute with those big blue eyes, no wonder he gets away with stealing all kinds of things for so long. Nobody would ever believe a dog would steal, let alone one that cute (let's be honest, we all judge!) The two bad guys have a 'Home Alone'-feel to them, just simple humor that every kid will enjoy.

Only a 7, because of the simplicity of the story. Nice enough movie to watch, parents will probably rate it higher.

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