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Learn how America developed the atomic bomb and how it changed the world.

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The Bomb online movie review - E=MC2=MC2=MC2=MC2 - To Infinity And Beyond

Even though I thought that this 2-hour history-documentary (from PBS) did tend to go on for a bit too long - I still felt that it was certainly interesting enough to hold my undivided attention, for the most part.

Through stills and vintage film-clips (as well as interviews with Historians and Weapons Designers) - "The Bomb" offered the viewer a very informative and in-depth history of the atomic bomb, starting from year that it was first created (and first detonated) back in 1945, 70 years ago.

And, even though it's hard to believe sometimes - (The truth is) - To this very day, we all still live in the oppressive shadow of the atomic bomb.

And, with that in mind - We can only hope that through the clear understanding of this weapon's mighty destructive power, man will, hopefully, have the sound intelligence and clear foresight to keep his itchy finger off the button.

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