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A combination "before the rage" and "after the rage" of world middleweight boxing champion Jake LaMotta's tumultuous life and times.

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The Bronx Bull online movie review - Worst Movie About An Ex Boxer Ever (No Big Spoilers)

The timeline is all over the place giving extremely vague details about what happened between the his boxing career. Very depressing, which is fine. Yet, with exceedingly poor attempts to be uplifting.

This movie is more about making the audience pity a washed up drunk who doesn't turn his life around until his late 50's and still this film fails to tell that story. The courtroom scene leads you to believe it's a story about a boxer who got mixed up with the mafia, but then never really delves back into that plot. This is the most poorly told biography I've ever seen in film, it was trying to reach a multitude of platforms to express the life of an ex Middle Weight Champion and utterly disappoints on every one of those fronts. Spare yourself of this 94 minute waste of time, 94 minutes I wish I could have back.

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