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The Charnel House
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A modern loft reveals its past when new tenants arrive as this former slaughterhouse exposes the evilness still existing within the walls.

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The Charnel House online movie review - It does build tension

The Charnel House is indeed a different kind of horror movie. Especially when you compare it to most modern horror movies. It's a suspense/thriller that may seem to be a bit slow-paced but it actually just helps to build even a more thrilling outcome.

The cast works amazingly. The chemistry they share is great, sometimes you'd almost forget they're actors. The way the cast works as a clockwork might be what makes this movie even more dramatic, as you feel they are humans. It's really one of the best things about the movie.

I think it is a great movie, nicely made and put together so great it is scary. I recommend it if you're in for a experience that will get shivers running down your spine. It is a great experience.

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