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A look at the life of an aging insult comic.

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The Comedian online movie review - De Niro has been phoning it in for decades now.

Ugh, what a waste of time. Quick, what was the last good movie De Niro was in? You could probably only come up with Heat which was way back in 1995. He's fat lazy and uninspired and even though this is a passion project, that comes through clearly here too.

De Niro was a national treasure at one point. His roles in Taxi Driver and Raging Bull still sets the standard for elite acting, but success has extinguished whatever muse once drove him.

He should just stick to small roles like in American Hustle where people don't have to be confronted with his ego and stature. Everything he does, your mind is thinking "OK now De Niro is firing a gun like an idiot without aiming" instead of "OK now (character name) is firing a gun like an idiot".

Sad to see. I hope this never happens to Will Ferrel.

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