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In the not so distant future, a team of white collar criminals are enlisted by the Federal government to thwart a cyber-attack that threatens to bankrupt the United States of America.

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The Crash online movie review - Thinly disguised chick-flick with bad CS

Bad guys are going to crash all the financial markets in the USA. They tell us they will do it in two days. They tell us in advance? so that our hero can assemble his team (like in Ocean's 13, ?)?

Anyway, lots of other hardcore CS action. He needs the "back door codes" for all the market servers. He gets them ? typed on a sheet of paper. Yeah, that's how I would pass on codes. But don't worry, when they use them the first security key to a market server is "RG182." And when the servers reboot, they all proclaim to be MS-DOS 6. Yes, fresh DOS 6.0, so much better than MS-DOS 6.21 for heavy Internet traffic.

Anyway, chop up 30 minutes of top CS action like this, stick it into a one-hour soap opera chick-flick. They are separated and fight over their daughter, who is dying of cancer of course. Then we have the betrayed employee who can help save the world ? oh, and is banging the dying daughter. Finish up in 2016/17 style ? the unbelievable plot twist of a betrayal, and a big-ass preachy ending.


(I see reviewers rave about this wonderful film, blame bad reviews on trolls. Perhaps they didn't watch this turkey, just got a check? One is titled "very realistic" -- perhaps they have never been around computers?)

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