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The Crash
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In the not so distant future, a team of white collar criminals are enlisted by the Federal government to thwart a cyber-attack that threatens to bankrupt the United States of America.

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The Crash online movie review - Really bad.

Well what can I say, that was a waste of time. The acting is bad and the story looks like everything was put together last minute with very little research etc.

The music background was tacky and such a cliché and so where a bunch of quotes and monologues. The conclusion is predictable the cinematography... well there is none and even the costumes look like they were bought from the nearest mall. Generally, it felt more like a drama class project and less than a professional job. I gave it 3 stars and in my most generous mood I wouldn't rate it with more than a 4. I would strongly advice for choosing another film to watch tonight.

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