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The Dark Stranger
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Haunted by a terrifying spirit out of her graphic novel, a young artist struggles to overcome her psychosis before it destroys her.

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The Dark Stranger online movie review - A dark jewel for a kind of fairy-tale

I love making reviews for movies that surprise me. I write and do some drawing, but just for fun and catharsis, and sometimes loosing myself into the magic world of imagination.

We have the story of a young woman (our heroine), who have depression and anxiety, and also agoraphobia (fear of leaving the house). She is visited by a therapist because of that, and it is implied that could perhaps try to attempt against her own life. She lives with her loving father and a brother who always want to skip school and feels ignored. This family had suffered the lost of a loved one: the mother, who had committed suicide after a heated argument with her daughter (and alcoholism was the reason).

The loving father do the best he can with all his family have to deal with.

Soon a stranger shows interest in that mother artwork, and our heroine is very suspicious of him. At the same time she had started to drawing again, only that this time she does it with her own blood and while in a trance... and she thinks that influenced by a character she call "The Dark Stranger". Reality and fantasy start to mix and boundaries seems blurring.

And finally we know from the stranger interested in art the real identity of "The Dark Stranger".

I loved the idea, and how the narrative caught my attention, and keep me interested.

In other side the lead actress surprised me, I never had seen her before, she was quite believable.

I love Enrico Colantoni, he is always awesome. The rest of the cast was nice, specially "The Dar Stranger"

The worst: no explanation or more deep backstory, and some characters are lost in the movie, making a little plot hole.

The best: the script was so original, the setting was pretty much fairy-tale that I loved it. And the special effects are pretty decent.

8/10 Recommended

We all are critics. Watch at your own risk.

Greetings from Uruguay.

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