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The Darkest Dawn online movie review - A tired format these days

The first ten seconds into the film my heart sank. Yep there it is...... the shaky home camera format that they have flogged to death over the past decade.

It is lazy film making really isn't it? If your framing, your camera work, your setting or your lighting is poor and unpolished you can just pass it off as intentional. The lead part is played by a young lady who clearly has attended elocution lessons, probably privately educated and is quite formulaic. It's a low budget affair and the acting is a bit 'cardboard' at times. Some of the character's response to the world being overtaken by aliens is more akin to being stuck in a holiday resort after they had missed their flights. Quite why they all dressed like tramps and were filthy only a few days after the invasion escaped me. Part of the way into it they begin to get undecided as to whether to stick with the home cam format or go for the more conventional film footage approach. Switching between them started to irritate me. Glad I didn't pay to go to the cinema to watch this.

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