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The Darkest Dawn online movie review - Should I rate this down because it is a found footage movie?

Worth mentioning that this is not Night of the Living Dead: Darkest Dawn, nor is it related to Wing Commander in any way.

From the get go you know that it will be a found footage film, with the young beautiful daughter (nose ring and everything) getting a new video camera from her lovely and loving and supporting family. You know things will turn to crap from then on...

Luckily, the action begins after only five minutes, with some spooky alien ships coming to invade by sending robots that take over human hosts. So something that combines alien invasion movies with zombies. At this point you wonder if it is even worth continuing to watch something that is clearly so referential as to be almost already watched. Well, I will tell you.

By minute 24 they've managed to kill all adults and remain in a group of outspoken teenagers. They also find some guns. After moving and talking to the camera, meeting the alien ship about once every half an hour, having the camera switch in and out of focus and having weird electronic errors whenever the action should have been good, having people shout at each other and shooting at each other... the movie ends.

So no, it's not worth watching. It was an almost decent effort, but it failed on amateurish editing, unlikable characters and too much monkeying around. Plus, there was no plot.

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