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When a single mother and her two young children are tormented by an increasingly strange and intense presence in their quiet suburban home, she turns to her scientist boyfriend to take on the violent forces that paranormal experts are too frightened to face.

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The Diabolical online movie review - Not This FILM!!!

If you have never seen a ghost house horror movie and need something not so scary because you get scared easily then this film might fit what you are looking for..

Mild spoilers ahead. Same 3 similar looking monsters keep appearing walking slowly towards them and then vanish... I mean it does not add up to nothing... So far one hour has pass and its the same. They live a mundane life and flashes of monsters... THE SAME MONSTER...

Its pretty clicher as well... Paranormal specialists shows up half way in the film the classic internet search revealing this might be more real then they think... Weird character behaviors like her wanting to leave the house due to GHOST and also she cant pay for the house anymore but she refuses it to sell it at a discount to a man ready to sign documents right now... More clicher Doors slamming things moving electronic going crazy... And more clichers kids behaving badly in schools... Single mother getting help from a single guy like magic... damn... how many clichers can this film pack... Did they write that in less then half a year? After about 2/3 of the film you don't even care about the bad guys since you know they will magically vanish before something happens ... This happens about 12 times in 50min... I am not even joking or it seems like it... You are just like BLAHHH same thing again these monsters can't harm them why should I be scared... Bunch of fake jumps scares and dramatic music when kid is making a sandwich... Yes terror sandwich Lady's and gentlements... There's scene were they search google several time in the film its not even funny... In the last 15min there's a small twist that you could see coming if you pay attention but its nothing ground breaking since they bored you to death by then... The film would of been nice if that twist happened 20min into the film and not with 15min left... And wow that twist has so many holes in it, it must be a cheese... And damn home alone style ending... I watch several horror films everyday and this film fells like its insulting us due to such amount of clicher and plot hole... The film is well shoot and actor are not bad... But damn this script is so bad... So bad it gets you mad almost... Go rent or buy the conjuring or insidious or even drag me to hell, evil dead 1-2-3, poltergeist the original... All better films

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