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The Dog Wedding
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A German businesswoman falls for an American pro wrestler she meets at the dog park, testing her lifelong obedience to her CEO/father.

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The Dog Wedding online movie review - Super fun, sneaky smart romcom

Super fun, sneaky smart romcom about mismatched people ? a blonde bombshell pickle company exec and a giant tattooed pro wrestler ? who meet at the dog park and discover they have a lot more in common.

Film breezes along as an easy good time with bulldogs, canine wedding planning, wrestling matches, an awesome Beni-hana cosplay date, and funky bassa nova score. But best is how small details add up and you believe this odd couple throwing a dog wedding(!) makes total sense. The acting is top notch, with the revelation being Matt Bloom (WWE's Prince Albert), who was a totally natural sweetheart of a guy on and off screen (we met him at the NYC charity event for Long Island Bulldog Rescue). Rosalie Thomass is great as the engineer caught between The Manimal and her CEO Dad (ferociously funny Bernhard Schutz). The Germans all speak perfect English. Plus a real person named Queen Kong is wrestler's mother! Add in the Native American pickle factory managers, bodybuilders, wrestlers, and desert mystics?and you have a truly original good time of movie.

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