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The Evil Gene
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FBI agent Griff Krenshaw is dispatched to solve a murder at a federal correctional facility for inmates with a rare genetic defect that leads to psychosis and violence. Once there, Griff becomes convinced that the facility is plagued by a much darker force.

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The Evil Gene online movie review - Not About Genies

A secret asylum is being used to monitor prisoners with a genetic disorder, which makes them ticking time bombs of violent anger. A man is sent over to investigate a suicide by one of the doctors.

The man of course has a few skeletons (demons) in his closet which hinders his job. He still finds time to have a relationship with the female doctor who took over. I was expecting a suck fest but it wasn't bad at all. An overdone theme for sure but they make it interesting anyways. Some twists at the end made it even better. Some people might be disappointed if they look at the title real quick, or might have trouble pronouncing words and think that this film is about Genies. He does look like an evil genie on the cover but it's not about genies.

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