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A young, lonely woman is consumed by her deepest and darkest desires after tragedy strikes her quiet country life.

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The Eyes of My Mother online movie review - A Film I Won't Be Forgetting Anytime Soon (and that is a good thing)

I personally liked this film a lot. I'm even close to being inclined to say I loved it but a few small things keep me from loving it.

This film is what I would say is a slow, abstract atmospheric film. I don't know if I would say it's experimental but that could fit for some people in knowing how this film goes. While I did not like the film The Witch, I would say those that liked that may enjoy this film, if disturbing in a grotesqueness kind of way doesn't dissuade you. Unlike The Witch, this has a small amount of dialogue. A small amount is subtitled but most is English without it (unless you need English subtitled too). Also, this film is not about religion and the less you know what to expect and the less you know about the story, the more you will enjoy it (if it's a type of film you will enjoy). I went into it knowing nothing except it was B&W and that it would have some things I know many others find disturbing and I knew it would be slow. So I did go pretty much into this blindly, thankfully so.

I rarely enjoy abstract atmospheric type films but once in a while a gem catches my eyes that even I can enjoy. This is one of those gems.

This film will have you asking a lot of questions, from little question to bigger things from early on. Some will get answered, most won't. Also, much of this film will require you to use your imagination for answers and also, require you to use your imagination for what is happening or did just happen. For me, I liked that. If you don't, you may hate this film. Let me add that the film does not get shy, it is not trying to censor itself, you will see some sickening and disturbing things at times, even if only briefly. The change over from one scene to another doesn't always flow as well as it should and some scene changes can be downright jarring in a way that pulls you out of the experience for a moment but you are quickly pulled back in. This was one of my minor issues. It need some transitioning effects (musically and/or visually) in some way between some of the scenes.

It's slow all the way through but "disturbing" from very early on and does not take half the film to be finished for you to start enjoying it like many slow films do. The pace will not pick up later on, so don't expect that. Like I mentioned about before, it does cut out a lot of parts; doesn't show you what happened and while a very good atmosphere don't expect a Hollywood type budget though it does look good. The effects you do get to see look pretty darn good. It's all black & white, which is one of the highlights of this film for me. Plus this is a film where color would ruin the atmosphere. Also, the B&W of it helped hide some aspects of the film where it's clear it had to work within a smaller budget. Don't think this is a cheap looking film. A few scenes won't look as good as they should but overall, the film looks very good.

Sometimes slow all the way through is a good thing in a movie, even if you are like me, where it's normally not your cup of tea. This is one of those films, at least for me it is. I won't be forgetting this film any time soon.

*Side Note*

I wrote this review at Amazon just after watching the film. I copied most of it over to here but changed a small part to make it relevant to IMDb.


I wanted to give it between 8.7 and 8.9 stars rating but I can only choose a flat 8 or 9, so I gave it a 9. Also, I don't want to drag down the rating of a new film with a flat 8 that I did highly enjoy in a era when new films I enjoy this much are rare for me to come across.

I prefer a 5 star tier rating system for films. On a five star system, my view is like you see on Netflix (1=hated it, 2=didn't like it, 3=liked it, 4=really liked it, 5=loved it). So convert that to a 10 star system to get an idea of how I really felt. I rounded what I wanted to give it to a 9 but if you are reading, you know about what I would give it, if allowed.

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