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The Glamour & The Squalor
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Seattle DJ Marco Collins stars in this unflinching documentary about media fame and addiction, which tracks his rise, fall, and resurrection as an influential promoter of grunge, alternative rock, and electronic dance music.

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The Glamour & The Squalor online movie review - Great film about a great DJ

As a DJ myself, this was a wonderful look into a slice of life during a very exciting time in music. Marco Collins is passionate about what he does and I could relate on many levels to his life and his passion.

I found this to be a very honest and moving film depicting the rise, fall and return of this music taste maker who suffered from addiction to the point of losing it all. We follow Collins though his youth of being bullied in the school yard for being different, to working at 91 x in San Diego and then on to 107.7 The End in Seattle right before the Grunge scene exploded in the 90's. Collins was the ear and eye to this most prolific musical scene in Seattle, often playing the bands before anyone else, launching these musicians to stardom in an era where a DJ could still influence listeners and record labels. There is much to teach to youth in this film about drug abuse and its severe consequences. But most importantly, this film's message is about being yourself and following your dreams.

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