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A family who moved into a remote mill house in Ireland finds themselves in a fight for survival with demonic creatures living in the woods.

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The Hallow online movie review - This Film is Pretty Creepy.

I liked this film and found it very chilling and creepy and I like Horror Films that are able to creep me out because most of them can't do That but this one succeeded.

This Film may have an overused plot but I thought they handled it very will with this Film. They took a story that's been done before and put their own spin on it which I liked. I found the Story of the Hallow interesting and I thought it was told in a chilling manner by one character especially when he says if you trespass upon them they will trespass upon You!.

I like these kind of films where you have a family moving out to a secluded house and strange things start to happen, I personally find those kind of films creepy especially when you don't know (what) it is that's coming after you, which I like to call Fear of the Unknown. That's what makes this film work so well because you never know for certain what the threat is until the End and that adds to the creepiness of the Film. Throughout the Film this strange black slime keeps dripping off walls and ceilings and when the family don't see this slime that also adds to the terror because they don't know it's there but We Do,which makes you want the family to leave. The suspense was Handled very well in this Film and all the scenes with the mysterious slime were interesting.

I actually Liked the Main two characters and I didn't want anything to happen to them which is a big positive this film had. Having likable Characters in your movie definitely helps with the suspense,and also because you like them you want them to Fight back and Escape, and I feel the opposite way with horrible characters. I personally thought the film was Very Well Directed and the story was above Average. The script was Decent and The Cinematography was Okay, I also Liked The Music. The Acting from the two leads was surprisingly good and I felt sorry for them when they were in danger that's because I Liked them and they were also very convincing. This film definitely succeeds in its Horror aspect because it truly gave me the Chills. The Film has a Very Dark and foreboding atmosphere throughout the entire Film and it worked very well.

What I Liked about this film is that it focused on Atmosphere and creepy sound effects to scare its audience Rather than tons of blood and Gore and I prefer that because it makes the Film more Chilling and More Effective. It was the Music and sound Effects and creepy Story that made this Film so Effective Not the Blood.Also The Film was Not Full of Action it was more of a Suspense Horror Film, but When the Action was there it was pretty good. The Film was always Suspenseful and Tense and it had me Creeped out most of the time. I should also mention I thought the creatures looked pretty Good too,I am not sure if they were special effects or costumes but they looked good to me, also the design was creepy but interesting.

I thought the last part of the Film was very Exciting and intense when the Family is chased. The Last part of the Film was pretty Crazy but also very Thrilling and I enjoyed the Ending. This Film definitely succeeds at Being Dark and Erie,there are a lot of Creepy images in the Film Especially Near The End. Overall I thought This was a Good Film and I Highly recommend it to Horror Fans.

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