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The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst
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Robert Durst, scion of one of New York’s billionaire real estate families, has been accused of three murders but never convicted. Brilliant, reclusive, and the subject of relentless media scrutiny, he’s never spoken publicly—until now. During interviews with Andrew Jarecki, he reveals secrets of the case that baffled authorities for 30 years. In 2010, Jarecki made the narrative film All Good Things based on the infamous story of Robert Durst. After Durst saw the film, he contacted Jarecki wanting to tell his story. What began as a feature documentary ultimately became a six-part series as more and more of his incredible story was revealed.

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The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst online movie review - Blink of an Eye

I had never heard of Robert Durst before finding out about a 6 part documentary that HBO had done while listening to ESPN 1000 in Chicago.

It was a pretty strange way to hear about a TV series, but I'm sure glad I did. The Jinx is a disturbing look at a once accused murderer who ended up getting away with several crimes. Now of course I say that now that I have seen the series. So I have a pretty good idea whether or not he did what he was accused of. But the impressive part about Andrew Jarecki's approach is that as bad as this person is to us, he paints the picture in a way that there's a possibility that what we think may actually be wrong. He tells us what he thinks in the later episodes, but he does so after years of research, and even after meeting the man himself.

The early episodes give us an inside look at the actual process done by the police and law enforcement officials in each case. It was nice getting the complete background before we saw Robert Durst on screen yet. I believe it was episode 3 that we found out Durst reached out to Jarecki in order to tell his own story for the series. It immediately smelled rotten. As much as I think he did kill the 3 people, and maybe even more, Durst was a fascinating person to watch. He's a smart man, and even though he blinks way too much like people are saying, I don't think that was a dead giveaway. He's a very strange person that perhaps could have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time? No, I highly doubt that, but I'm glad Jarecki still interviewed people from both sides. I also didn't find the recreation scenes to be distracting like I do with most documentaries. The whole process of filming and interviewing was handled really well.

The final few episodes were really chilling as Durst slipped up on the microphone and accidentally said some things that could be held against him on a later date. Fortunately, I think Durst is currently on trial or arrested for something if I remember reading correctly. Anyway, Jarecki gave us a unique documentary here that serialized something that I didn't think could really be serialized. It was a compelling and disturbing look into a possible murderers life, pre and post crimes.

+Jarecki's directing style

+Took its time and gave evidence for both sides

+Recreation scenes


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