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A bank heist descends into violent chaos when one of the hostages turns out to be a serial killer. Trapping the well-organized team of bank robbers in the building, the killer is now picking them off one by one.

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The Last Heist online movie review - The Last Heist

After the excellent Big Ass Spider! and the tedious TV movie Lavalantula, director Mike Mendez changed the road with The Last Heist, a hybrid of criminal thriller and visceral

horror which, inside the modest niche of "B-Movies", fulfills with the minimum requirements of coherence and violence in order to keep us moderately entertained without making us feel we wasted our time. However, The Last Heist suffers multiple problems which darken the experience. Some action scenes feel too ambitious for the limited resources Mendez had to work with; the locations are bland and ordinary; and there are technical fails which end up being too distracting (example: the digital flashes of the guns; I could almost see water springs falling from the cannons). Fortunately, we have a slightly original premise compensating that to some point; we have seen uncountable bank robberies out of control, but the addition of a serial killer breaks the monotony. Sure, we have to swallow the huge coincidence of both things happening the same day (the robbery and the killer's visit), but it's appropriate as a catalyst of the story. Oh, and when the killer is played by Henry Rollins, we can be sure that he will exude intensity and threat. So, in conclusion, The Last Heist is a mediocre film, but it made me have a moderately entertaining, even though not lacking of frustration, time, and I can give it a slight recommendation specially to followers of "B" cinema who can appreciate a film mainly for avoiding the capital sin of this cinematographic niche: being boring. The Last Heist wasn't so, and that was enough to validate my time.

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