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The Last House on Cemetery Lane
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Screenwriter John Davies has grown tired of living in London and moves to an old manor house in a sleepy West Wales village to get out of the rat race. At first he enjoys himself, embracing the quieter pace of life and starting a relationship with his beautiful neighbour Cassie Konrad. But strange, unexplained occurrences begin to occur in the manor house. John discovers he is surrounded by a supernatural presence and begins to research the house's past, discovering secrets more terrible than he ever imagined. It is now up to John to right the injustices of the past and finally lay to rest the spirits which haunt the Last House on Cemetery Lane.

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The Last House on Cemetery Lane online movie review - Really good old-fashioned Gothic ghost story!

I do not understand why this movie has got so low marks, and why so few people seem to have watched it! I found it a really good, old- fashioned ghost story!

Suspenseful, with a mystery to solve and with some good scares as well. It is also refreshing with an English movie now and then, interspersed with the usual fare of Hollywood movies which have all certain things in common. The British are somehow more realistic and with a less glossy polish. The actors look and behave more like ordinary people.

Not very original maybe - if you have been around and watched and read a lot of ghost stories, you see where this one is going early on. I realized almost immediately that the beautiful neighbour woman was in fact a ghost, living in the rented house. (Although I guessed at first that the old Agnes upstairs had been long dead, and that the young woman was her ghost - preferring to show herself young and beautiful.) It took a little longer, but only till the rude phone-call, before I realized that the owner of the house was somehow involved in the evil.

The reason I give it only 8 stars instead of 9 or 10, although I really enjoyed it, is that the ending (the very last minutes) was a bit strange and unfulfilling. What DID happen - were the daughter and mother still alive, and had everything only happened in the writer's imagination..? I do not like unclear endings, I want everything tidied up at the end.

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