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The Lennon Report
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The events on the night John Lennon was killed, seen through the eyes of those who lived it. The great men and women of NYC who did all they could to save a life, some without even knowing it was John Lennon himself. Based on a true story.

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The Lennon Report online movie review - Terrific Movie

I loved this movie. Did not really have any expectations to be dashed - as I did not really know what to expect - but was delighted and amazed at how it held my interest throu

ghout the entire film - AND - introduced me to another facet of John Lennon's death that I had never heard about - or even considered. As another reviewer noted, there is such a difference in the reporting back in the pre-cellphone world of 1980 - as compared to now and the 24/7 - social media news world of reporting we live in today. LOVED the newsroom characters and the journalist's tenacious efforts to take advantage of his incredible "luck" of being an ER patient at the same moment John Lennon is rushed in with gunshot wounds. As a former RN at a major hospital in 1980 - I can attest to the incredibly realistic portrayal of the hospital staff in dealing with the very sad and difficult moment in time. I was totaled riveted and I really recommend this movie. Even though one is reminded of the sad point in time - when the world lost the amazing John Lennon - I walked out so satisfied and educated and it was a delightful change of pace from the high budget films I have become so used to seeing. Highly recommend!

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