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The Mind's Eye
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A sci-fi/thriller centered on a high school violinist who witnesses the collapse of space and time.

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The Mind's Eye online movie review - mindf***

Get ready for a long journey into the human mind. Thoughts, memories, emotions. It's all a flowing river, always in motion without a way to figure where it starts or ends.

That's the world of "The black hole". A teenager finds her daily live messed up more and more as many things, places and people just keep changing before her eyes. Rather early in the movie she meets the two men who tell her that she (and everyone else) is just a thought in the mind of someone. She keeps ignoring and avoiding the truth as long as possible while the other characters try to help her accepting the truth.

On this long journey you'll find yourself confused many times over, but you'll keep wondering what this is all about and where it leads. Even though the movie offers some length, stretching out to almost 2 hours, I found the time worthwhile.

You only see Malcom McDowell in a couple of scenes. I remember him as the scientist from "Star Trek - Generations", who desperately wanted to get into the Nexus. The strange dimension where thoughts became reality and this reality could be altered any time, without "time" itself having any meaning. Both movies offer a similar concept and even though this idea has been there before, it hasn't lost its appeal.

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