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The Monster of Mangatiti
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When 19 year old Heather Walsh accepts a job on a farm in the Mangatiti Valley, she has no idea paradise will become a nightmare. This true New Zealand story tells of Heather's horrific ordeal.

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The Monster of Mangatiti online movie review - A Class True Movie film

Watched this little gem on Netflix. i have seen many a good true movie film , this is up there with the best of the true movie films.Well directed and great acting by everyone involved.

They all played their part well. Only sad thing was this was a true movie. You wonder why Heather Walsh the lady prisoner , did not escape earlier , but all is explained well enough throughout the film. Sorry if i have spoiled anything in saying that.

Filmed in New Zealand which looks a beautiful place , so some nice scenery in the film too.Seen many a blockbuster that's been disappointing , this one can teach them how to make a film on fraction of the money of some crash bang wallop so called big films.

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