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Finding his daughter confused and drunk one night, Martin overreacts and puts a wedge between their once idyllic relationship at a time when she'll need him the most.

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The Perfect Daughter online movie review - Little Girls Grow Up

Carpenter and single dad Brady Smith (as Martin Parish) is happy when daughter Sadie Calvano (as Natalie Parish) wins an election for student council treasurer.

This could help the cute and increasingly popular Ms. Calvano win a college scholarship. Being a straight "A" student will help, too. Calvano also wins the attention of her high school's star ice hockey jock Reiley McClendon (as Samuel "Sam" Cahill). Very quickly, father and daughter have to face issues like teenage drinking and sex. "The Perfect Daughter" may not be so perfect, after all...

This drama focuses more on how father Smith deals with his daughter's problems. There is some background involving the missing mother, who wasn't perfect, either. She had a boyfriend and was willing to leave her family and shack up at a "Pink Motel" somewhere. The missing mother's perfectly trimmed, model-like brother Johann Urb (as Nicky Barnes) works for Smith. The younger man is introduced after having a sexual liaison with a married blonde. So, there is a hint the Barnes "side of the family" is slutty. In contrast, father Smith appears chaste...

Also in the cast is former 1970s TV "Hardy Boy" Parker Stevenson. He is both Smith's boss and the hockey player's father. Director Brian Herzlinger and writer Brian McAuley do their best in scenes with Smith and Calvano, showing both their increasing distance and strong bond. The father-daughter relationship seems real. Scenes in the school setting are more routine. At one point, an accusation of rape is made; to accuse falsely, if that is the case, should be treated more seriously. And, the ending refuses to explicitly state a decision made by Calvano...

Finally, it must be declared that the "neatly trimmed beard" look is now in vogue for TV movie men. You see it on leading man Brady Smith along with supporting actors Parker Stevenson and Johann Urb. You also see the "neatly trimmed beard" on men in commercials. Understandably, this does not apply to high schoolers; shaving is necessary to play the younger age. This is great news because the "perfectly plucked eyebrows" look is (and was) very distracting. They may still pluck the eyebrows, but the "neatly trimmed beard" helps off-set the eye brows.

***** The Perfect Daughter (3/26/2016) Brian Herzlinger ~ Brady Smith, Sadie Calvano, Reiley McClendon, Parker Stevenson

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