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The short tells the story of a boy who rather spends his time indoors playing videogames instead of discovering whats waiting in front of the door. One day his Mum decides to get a little surprise for his son, which makes it hard for him to concentrate on his video game.

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The Present online movie review - Puppy time!

"The Present" is a 4-minute animated short film and the second work written and directed by German Jacob Frey, who worked on several other projects before and afterward as an animator, for example the Oscar-nominated "Room on the Broom" or "Zootopia".

The story in this one here is about a boy who loves playing video games and is not too impressed when his mother gives him a puppy as a present. At least not initially. But cuteness prevails and we find out something about the boy as well that makes us like him a lot more than we do when we see his negative reactions towards the dog at first. Nice animation, cute story here. Nothing too outstanding, but certainly worth a watch for under five minutes. I recommend "The Present".

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