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The Reluctant Nanny
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IT guru Libby gets more than she bargained for when, after losing her job, she reluctantly agrees to help a cop with fostering two abandoned kids.

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The Reluctant Nanny online movie review - Cute comedy about foster kids finding a home

This cute feel good family movie involves a couple of foster kids who while waiting for a family to adopt them are taken in by a cop. He meets a lady who has just been laid off and hires her as a nanny.

Brittney Snow lookalike Jessy Schram is quite likable as the video game creator/nanny. Rather conveniently, the house is just a perfect looking family ready home.

Of course you can guess the outcome but it's fun to see the family bond come together. It avoids being painful and has some laughs along the way and that's not easy. Also the kids don't get annoying.

Worth one watch.

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