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The Secrets of Emily Blair
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Desperate to save his fiancée from a demon that has possessed her soul, a man turns to his longtime priest for help.

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The Secrets of Emily Blair online movie review - Better than expected

*Very Mild spoilers* So I guess by now the format for possession films is known. The priest waving a crucifix and the women(nearly always a woman) tied to a bed.

This is no different in that regard but at least the "female devil in bondage" scene lasts a relatively short amount of time I guess because no one that says "Your mama" cusses could ever be scary and leans more towards humour for most people these days. There was one meta line when the guy who played The Highlamder mentions hallowed ground but other than that this is a very dry film that does have a few chills if you are in the right frame of mind and the personality changes in the possessed women is done well enough to jar and gave me a discomforting vibe. Anyone looking for great cinematography. lighting effects etc may be disappointed. This has the cinematic quality of a TVM. Some of the special effects were kinda lame but not the vital part of the film so not too distracting - the type of effects a college student may do on his home PC is the worst I can say. While it was a Catholic priest as it seems it has to be in this genre there was some extension to the possession story with an element of LOTR. All in all the best possession film I have seen since The Ex. of Emily Rose in terms of chills but far short on the story in comparison. You might find a 7 a bit high but it is in the context of the genre of horror-possession movies. Most happy that it wasn't yet another of the "found footage" tripe that passes for movies so often now

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