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An American TV crew gets trapped in a centuries-old web of revenge, horror, and blood, when their home improvement show is attacked by angry Eastern European villagers out to kill the show's star.

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They're Watching online movie review - Watch this movie like when you watch a reality type show

Like other reviewer said this is good because it's bad. That's the premise you have to understand before you watch this movie. As soon as I saw the trailer, I knew it's gonna be stupid and I would enjoy it.

Because who choose a house makeover type of a reality show setting to make a horror movie? This gotta be good (I mean bad)! I gave a 5, but it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it. I did enjoy the movie as I expected. It just didn't exceed my expectation. That's the reason why I rate this movie 5.

For the most of parts, it's kinda dull, but I still had fun watching maybe because I know Kris Lemche(Alex) from Haven. He did a good job as a lovable douche like always. I also liked Dimitri Diatchenko (Vladmir). His attitude is very positive throughout the movie. Like when everyone is surprised by a black cat shooting out from an old oven in a barn, some might take it as an ominous event especially if you consider buying the property, but Vladimir immediately make it up by telling his possible customer that it's a good luck for locals. How can we hate this guy? Other characters are either forgettable or just unlikable except for Becky. She is lovely but other two women are so unlikable. At least, Kate is supposed to be a b***h. Sarah should be a lovable cute chick opposed to the bi**h Kate. However, she is a typical young spoiled dumb princess who doesn't know when to shut up although that could be the director's intention because you know what's gonna happen to her at the end in the first 5 minutes of this movie. Lovely Becky has to be lovely for the twist awaiting. I actually didn't see it coming (I knew something is in the cellar though). Once the movie reaches its climax, it's like a roller coaster; The marching parade of WTF moments. VFX is so cheesy so laughable because it's intended to be that way. Again, I didn't see that coming, but it's OK. If the director chooses that turn, it has to be over-the-top and it was. So it's good! Maybe it's a message from the film makers of this movie, "don't take any reality shows seriously" lol

Anyways, if you understand a sense of humor in B horror flicks, you wouldn't regret spending 90 minutes of your life for this movie. Let's watch this with pizzas (extra extra cheese) and cokes (non diet) while stoned.

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