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Tiger Raid
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While on a covert mission, two cold blooded mercenaries form an unlikely bond as they race across the desert in the dead of night. When their violent and desperate world implodes, past atrocities come to the surface threatening to tear each of them apart.

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Tiger Raid online movie review - Awesome!

This is kind of film where you just gotta use words such as "powerful" and "gripping". It has several very genre breaking plot twists and it was extremely refreshing experience after all the crappy AAA titles I saw this year.

Film has only 4 characters. One of those 4 is in it for less than 10 seconds. Over 90% of screen time is just two guys ... talking. And if someone described this film to me that way I might not even have seen it. So, let us add that both guys are neurotic psychopathic killers, and rapists, who keep switching from close partners to trying to murder each other over and over.

Throughout the film you really want to side with each of them at different points and its hard to decide which one, or perhaps both, or neither, should survive in the end. And just when you almost make up your mind, third character enters to complicate things further.

Its a must see movie.

Just see it.

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