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When Jack, a rough and tough vampire slayer, is bitten by his arch-nemesis Monty, he has but one day left to live before he becomes the very thing he has been hunting for most of his life.

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Turned online movie review - Excellent take on the genre, well put together and exciting. A complete film.

I have been a fan of Chris' work for over 10 years now and he never ceases to amaze with his creativity. That is especially true of this film. We are introduced to Jack, our hero, right away in peril.

The opening scene grabs you and keeps you hooked throughout, it makes you want to see what happens next. Monty is an exceptional villain, a classic one but not clichéd. I don't want to spoil much, but I will just say, the whole film is filled with tension and action. When there is a quiet scene, it is written quite beautifully and masterfully acted. It's tough to say if this Chris' best film, only because he has made some stuff over the years that completely blows Hollywood productions out of the water, but it's easily in the top 5. All of the actors did a great job as well, and the locations were perfect. Chris has such a creative eye. In conclusion, this film gets 10 stars from me because it kept me engaged and entertained the whole way through and it's easy to tell hard work and dedication went into producing it. Some class A filmmaking.

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