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A look at the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre where 20 children were murdered at school by a crazed gunman, but lead to no changes in American gun laws.

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Under the Gun online movie review - Nothing more than AgitProp and AtsroTurf

This sear piece is the polar opposite of what its creators and its supporters say it is.

It is not informative. It is not even all that dramatic. It is, especially, completely unimportant and thankfully rather forgettable.

The only things Katie Couric managed to accomplish is to remove all doubt of her demonstrable, willful ignorance. Playing soundbites from her opposition to set up Straw Man fallacies to knock them down with harrowing anecdotes - not data - is yellow journalism at its worst, and that's exactly what we have here. Moreover, there was a four-hour interview with John Lott, who has repeatedly and thoroughly disproved every gun control narrative out there, that was completely cut out of the film. Why, you might ask? They honestly think, and they have to think because they clearly don't know anything, that his work has been refuted. Not only have his conclusions been replicated many times, in many journals, and by many researchers regardless of the methodologies or data sets used, he's gone on to debunk a great many of the big gun control studies published to-date. Guns are used far and away many, many times more often to thwart or deter violence than to commit crime of any kind, and there is zero evidence - empirical or otherwise - to the contrary.

What's even worse is that Couric knows literally nothing about the Second Amendment or what it means to begin with. Neither does anyone who likes her work, either. None of the associated case law is cited correctly, if it all, and is even selectively edited down to make the decisions agree her factually incorrect assertions. Gun control, at its core, is only meant to disarm the poor and minorities. That is a widely-known, well-documented, and long-settled historical fact.

Gun control advocates DON'T care about children, or enhancing safety in any way. They only care about how their baseless, fact-free virtue signaling makes them look to everyone else. They'll gladly crawl over the bodies of dead children to wave the bloody shirt and shield themselves from criticism with the crying parents and siblings they left behind. It's absolutely disgusting and wreaks of the desperation that everyone - even gun control advocates themselves - see in their movement as it implodes when states are rightly rolling back gun control laws across the country, and see crime rates continue to fall every bit as fast or faster than before as they have been for the last twenty-five years. There hasn't been any "increase" in mass shootings at all, either. Even CNN called them on their lies when it came to school shootings, and they're hardly a bastion of so-called "conservative" thought, either. As a matter of fact, Mother Jones, to their (minuscule) credit, pegged the number of mass shootings in 2015 at four. Yes, four. Four too many, true, and you'll never hear any argument from me on that. But, it's nowhere close to the shrill hysteria of "374" from admitted propaganda sites like The Shooting Tracker.

Fun Fact: On no less than a dozen occasions, and likely many more, armed citizens have in fact stopped mass shootings.

The politics of the obstructionist civilian disarmament industrial complex is spelled out clearly, here: they don't want you to own guns for any reason whatsoever, and they'll tell you any lie they can, in any way they can, and at every opportunity to convince you of it. There is no "compromise" or "middle ground" with these people, either. To compromise would mean that they would have to give up something in return, and they literally NEVER have. Nor will they. Ever. Their "middle ground" will be found when every single solitary gun is forcibly confiscated and melted down. They hate guns, and they hate you if they own one. Just like in this "movie" here, they'll demonize you at every opportunity if you so much as question their narrative. They'll block you on their social media sites. They'll talk down to you through the "news" media. They'll disassociate with and disown you socially. How can anybody possibly call THAT "balanced?"

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