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Joe Mazzello, best known for his acting roles in Jurassic Park, HBO's The Pacific, The Social Network, etc, wrote and made his directorial debut with this story based on his brother's experience as a collegiate baseball star who was skipped over in the Major League Baseball draft. Story centers around an intramural baseball game with his misfit teammates that becomes incredibly important to him as he tries to come to grips with his dashed dream.

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Undrafted online movie review - Decent movie i might watch again sometime

Went to look at the user reviews and realised there's none here so I said I'd right a quick one. Its about a local baseball team where one of the players doesn't get drafted when he supposedly should have.

It takes place over one match in the play off semi final. Its low budget I like the concept its got a bit of drama and a few laughs. The acting is decent is well i think its worth the watch.

If you like low budget sports movies this is really good even as big sports movies go it shows a lot more of the game than most, kinda has to as it takes place during one game but i found that to be nice something different.

Anyway I enjoyed it and would say its worth the watch

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