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A ticket-taker at the local cinema believes he is the son of God. He has agreed to decide the eternal fate of everyone he comes in to contact with.

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Walter online movie review - Grief takes time, so does writing

Despite awkward writing in pertinent moments, this script works.

Walt's love interest could have been better cast by yards or inches depending on how the director had control. The base theme is spot on in terms of how the writers displayed the denial that accompanies the deep loss felt by a child when coping with devastating loss. The relationship between Walt and some-girl-at-his-job was weak at best. His relationship with his therapist was more meaningfully developed in only minutes, a few scenes. Did not understand the egg thing. Rather, got it, but did not feel the import. Cool film, nice sentiment. Some ideas were undeveloped, but then maybe that's just the way it is. Acting well done by William H.Macy, Justin Kirk, Virginia Madsen, Jim Gaffigan of course, and AndrewJ. West.

The scene where Walt and Kendall shared a moment (in fact any shared screen time by these actors was forced) where Kendall was crying in the theater was sad only in that it was so poorly written. Failed love plot or huh? In fact, that's where the plot missed the attempt to connect the potentially shared grief. Walt's voice over stated that life's dreariness is blah blah unless shared. Completely failed element. Never developed. Nice film, well acted. Just needed some plot polishing beyond some cookie-cutter chick laying on popcorn ala American Beauty rose petals. We get that. Finish it. Yeah, the romance was stale at best even if it was a sub-plot. Finish the plot.

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