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WATERBOYS tells the funny and moving story of crime novelist Victor and his cello-playing son Zack. When they get thrown out by their women on the same day, the two men have to sort out themselves and their relationship during a turbulent trip to Scotland where Victor's latest book has to be promoted. A film about a father who needs to grow up and his son who should take life less seriously.

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Waterboys online movie review - Amazing Father-Son trip to the Waterboys

a Dutch Father and Son (conflicting characters) both see their relationship ending. They travel to Edinburgh, Scotland for a book promotion. Love is all around, especially the love for music.

This is all supported by the brilliant music of the Waterboys. They are an 80s one-hit wonder band (the Whole of the Moon). The band created a dozen of the most brilliant albums, all written by Mike Scott. The soundtrack of the movie is superb.

For a Dutch movie this is a classic. For a father-son movie this story is also very well told and acted.

A must see film.

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