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Fixated on romantic fantasies, a kindly and strong-willed young woman with a mild mental disability embarks on a relationship — much to the concern of her protective mother.

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Wedding Doll online movie review - Well crafted but incredibly depressing.

"Wedding Doll" is as well made film with some really good acting-- particularly by the leading lady, Moran Rosenblatt.

However, this Israeli movie also was incredibly depressing and I might characterize it as 'the feel-bad movie of the year'...and how many folks want to see a film that leaves them this depressed?!

This story is about a lady in her early 20s named Hagit (Rosenblatt) who works at a small toilet paper factory. She is cognitively challenged and functions almost like a child. But despite her intellectual difficulties, she also is a pretty young woman with the same emotional and physical needs as anyone else. She longs to get married and even design her own wedding gown but there are so many problems with this. The co-worker she is carrying on with on the sly might just be using her. As the film progresses, he seems less and less interested in marrying her...just making out with Hagit. Hagit also is a bit delusional and often sees life the way she wants it to be instead of how it really is...and throughout the film she keeps convincing herself that things will work out perfectly for her. She also convinces herself she is going to be a famous dress designer but her skills are quite limited. Throughout the picture, however, Hagit's mother is almost always nearby--sacrificing her own needs in order to look after her daughter and protect her from harm as best she can. But Hagit is clever and manages to hide the boyfriend through much of the film. Where all this ends up is pretty realistic...but also an incredible downer.

In many ways, "Wedding Doll" is very similar to the American film "Benny & Joon"...but without the comedy, clever and compassionate boyfriend and happy ending. It's an interesting character study and has apparently won many awards in its home country...but I really must admit that despite being well made, I didn't enjoy the film in the least and it's a movie for select audiences.

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