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Three best friends explore the world of online swipe dating in Los Angeles and quickly find out that anyone who judges you based on your salary or number of social media followers is someone who has their own soul-searching to do.

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What Now online movie review - Definitely has a select audience to realize full potential

I personally found this movie hilarious being a pro wrestling fan who uses tinder. There is a ton of jokes in there that only pro wrestling fans would appreciate.

Obviously, this isn't a "Hangover" or Swingers like someone else mentioned, but it is a fun comedy that you won't get bored with. The acting was not great but good enough. Some of the visuals weren't fantastic, and who ever was the guy who's job was to pull focus didn't do the best job. I think early in a guys career, Ash did a pretty solid job with this movie and I would definitely watch it again and recommend it to a friend. Like it said, this movie is definitely a movie that has a select audience and I respect Ash's attempt to make a movie that HE wanted to make and you can definitely tell that this film was from the mind of someone who got to make a movie his way and not overly influenced by a studio.

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