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After three tours in Iraq, traumatized and adrift Kerryann struggles to regain her sense of purpose. Cut off from family and friends and arguing with the constant static in her head, she falls in with a corrupt cop and his Tea Party accomplice , filling her with drive and direction. Her new companions seize on her military training as the key to a big- money heist. Will she be able to assimilate into civilian life, or will her need for a mission destroy her?

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White Rabbit online movie review - Politically Moviated Drivel

A low budget groaner only made into a movie to demonize the Tea Party. Politically motivated drivel at its worst. If they made it about the Democratic or Republican parties then at least it would be believable.

WHITE RABBIT is a gritty crime thriller about a veteran of the Iraq War, Kerryann Terkel. Back home, Kerryann battles Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as she tries to establish a stable civilian life. Instead, she gets tangled up in the schemes of a corrupt cop and his Tea Party sidekick, who exploit her military training to pull off a heist involving cell phone hacking at a political rally. The crime forces Kerryann to confront violent wartime memories - and her new domestic enemies. WHITE RABBIT is about what happens when war comes home.

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