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Eve, a 19-year-old American tourist is targeted by crazed serial killer Mick Taylor. She survives his attack and embarks on a mission of revenge.

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Wolf Creek online movie review - Wasted Opportunity

This contains Spoilers: Watched half of this series and had hoped that it would entertain and be as dramatic and a psychological thriller as the WC1 & WC2 films.

The writers have Mick Taylor using his trademark blue Ford F100 which was destroyed in WC1 then this series must be a prequel. The series starts and teases with great promise. In the WC! & WC2 it showed how Mick Taylor offered tainted top end water to drug his victims, but this time he is out of his normal environment and the targets are drinking their own liquid refreshments. The subsequent initial attack comes as a surprise, especially when Robert Taylor is quickly written out. And that is the only surprise, the rest of the series is cliché where the writers must have just graduated from writing school. Unfortunately then this series quickly dwindles into standard run of the mill television with many unnecessary scenes used to pad out the time and fails miserably to deliver any psychological thrills. Many areas of scenes that were poorly written include: a) The tourists jumping into a Billabong without any thought of saltwater crocodiles gives an indication that the writers did not put much effort into this. That didn't make any sense, it would be like Australians being noisy, stupid & careless (as an example with food) in American woods populated with grizzly bears. b) The writers make the police look like the keystone cops, as an example where Eve can just walk into a manned police station, go into a detective's office and ruffle through files and then steal them. And what were the writers thinking when they create the one sided romantic interest of the police detective with Eve. Why was Eve not arrested for theft of police material? c) Strangely Eve whilst on foot was able to chase down a car, then "somehow" track down bank robbers and then being able to "sneak" into their house and "somehow" discover the bank loot that was still strangely left in the bag is pathetically contrived. But then when a bank robber tracks her down to get back the money then forgets the stolen money instead proposes to Eve just highlights how ridiculous the series becomes. Moreso when the bank robber then allows Eve to shoot/murder him! d) The writers have made a very poor attempt to divert Mick Taylor's character into a second rate Freddy Krueger - very embarrassing too. e) The writers also make a strange attempt to make Eve look like Mad Max 2 character when they bring in a dingo as her side kick which quickly becomes a household pet! Even the recasting of Andy McPhee who played Bazza in WC1 is now the character Beard - guess there must be a shortage of actors.

It is meant to be a psychological thriller - but it hardly gets anywhere near that, in fact it kills all psychology and gets closer to being how psychologically ridiculous can we make this. Such a sad waste of a great opportunity to continuing the premise of Wolf Creek. Maybe series 2 will be better but the writers will definitely need to be changed.

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