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When a mysterious crime takes the life of her only brother, an Ethiopian American woman searches for the truth behind his death, while struggling to reconcile cultural expectations with her own pursuit of self-identity and love.

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Woven online movie review - Woven is a remarkable film that will have an impact on all who see it!

Woven is a movie written for this time in our history! It's a story a love and loss. A story about culture and diversity. A story about family and forgiveness. Sounds simple, but it's not.

These themes are beautifully "woven" throughout the story line and illustrate how complex life can be. I definitely recommend this film because it truly shows us how we are all interconnected as human beings regardless of culture or country of origin. This movie captured my attention from the beginning to the end. The richness of it's characters, the twist and turns in the story line kept me intrigued the whole time. I found myself relating in some way to every character emotionally. I literally laughed, cried, and was full of anticipation throughout the entire film. I truly enjoyed watching this film. Woven is a remarkable film that will have an impact on all who see it!

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