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Wuthering High
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An updated 21st century version of the Emily Bronte novel set in modern day Malibu, California where the wealthy Earnshaw family adopts Heath, a troubled teenager. The Earnshaws teenage daughter, Cathy, falls madly in love with him, embittering her rich boyfriend, Eddie, and the rest of their exclusive, upscale community. Wrapped up in her exciting fling, Cathy is blind to the dangerous side of Heath until it's too late.

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Wuthering High online movie review - *1 1/2*

Miserable film with deaths occurring as if it were 1947's "Mourning Becomes Electra." As the wealthy father, James Caan sounds like an uneducated man over his head trying to cope with two children affected in different ways by their mother's suicide.

As if this isn't enough to bear, Caan takes in the troubled teenager of the people who had worked for him, who had recently been deported.

The daughter talks in an annoying monotone. Emotionally distraught, she has become an outcast among her friends and the brother has taken to heavy drinking and drug abuse.

There are constant fights, especially with the young guy who really loved her, a scene in the health class where our heroine and the teenager go berserk and the class follows suit in ripping everything up.

There are lies told, wills changed, fatal coronaries occurring after the changes and another suicide. Did he have to climb into her grave to show that he really loved her? Purely miserable at its worst level.

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