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XOXO follows six strangers whose lives collide in one frenetic, dream-chasing, hopelessly romantic night.

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XOXO online movie review - Great Visuals, Soundtrack, & Casting. Decent plot. Sometimes misses on script/character dialogue.

If you are into EDM or the festivals that bring the EDM culture (or both), this movie can help you get your fix. If you are new to this style of music and/or its culture, I am not really sure what this movie would do for you.

Personally, I enjoyed it. I have been to plenty of festivals, produce my own music, blah blah blah. Big music festivals are a trip, an experience, a journey. They are an environment unlike anything else. This film does a great job of recreating most of the aspects the journey to, from, and during the festival. Everyone experiences them in millions of different ways. 'XOXO' creates a realistic scene of these festivals from multiple points-of-views (it made me really regret that I didn't go to a big festival this summer).

The visuals and SFX are great. They play a central role in the film's plot. Its really fun to watch the integration between SFX, dramatic irony, and storyline. The soundtrack is pretty much up-to-date, which really helps to create the proper vibes within the film.

I really like film's stories that only take place throughout the course of 1 day. This film generates a fun sense of anxiety (if that makes sense?). Just the anticipation that builds after months of planning, the journey, then the culmination off all things to create a night to remember.

My only (unprofessional) critique is parts of the dialogue. I feel like the script really dumbed down Sarah Hyland. I think she is a good actress that could've really shined. Her scenes felt rushed.

Chris D'Elia's character provides comic relief and his jokes hit well with people familiar with this culture (or that hate what it has become).

I want to see more of Graham Phillips. He does really well with the script he is given, and plays his part well. To me, he is believable in his parts.

I just think the script could've provided an outlet for all actors involved to shine, and it let's them down. They do well with materials provided.

The visuals and soundtrack will draw you in... enough to keep your attention to see how the night ends, and leave you missing your last festival. A fun film to reminisce on your past festivals. It is fast-paced, but it has a lot of character's stories to keep up with, unfortunately, this where the writing let's the film down.

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