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Young Sophie Bell
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Graduation just happened, and now it's time for adventures in Berlin with the childhood friends Sophie and Alice. But Sophie hesitates, and after an altercation, the impulsive Alice goes by herself - and mysteriously disappears. Sophie goes after her in desperation to find out what happened to Alice, which is the beginning of a painful journey from teenager to a young adult. It also is a journey into her friend's darker side, which she has hid from the rest for so long.

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Young Sophie Bell online movie review - Two Swedish girls share a dream of living in Berlin after high school, but after a nasty fall out, they are set on different paths of discovery

This strikes me as one of those coming of age films we'll reflect on in 20 years and say 'wow, I remember those floral headbands, animal onesies, and glitter nightclub attire'.

Then nostalgia will set in and there might be a tear or a sigh of relief. In any case, the film will have an evocative effect mostly due to its slow motion montage sequences accompanied by intense music to indicate moments of high emotion. Though the camera being used is breathtakingly crisp, the film seems a bit like a music video at times. While the characters are well developed and the plot well structured, I couldn't help but cringe at the melodramatic nature of scene choices. Flashbacks were overused to the point of cliché as were the hallucinations throughout the film. However, I think the film captured the respective German and Swedish landscapes beautifully and there was a delicate treatment of youth and friendship that I found very poignant. Also, this film definitely passes the Bechtel test. The women in the film are ambitious and exhibit freedom and independence. I approve of the films themes, characters and storyline yet I question the artistic choices made in conveying these aspects which I so much enjoyed. This is an unexpected journey of discovery for an inexperienced young woman in a cultured city with exciting prospects.

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