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Zombie Shark
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A perfect getaway weekend turns into a nightmare for four friends who find themselves fighting for their lives against an experimental shark. In order to survive they must fight sharks, zombies, and shark zombies.

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Zombie Shark online movie review - Not as fun as a punch in the face!

Misty Talley directs this film written by Greg Mitchell... my initial thoughts are that perhaps they shouldn't have bothered.

Three 'hot' chicks and a boyfriend go to Redplum Island for a weekend getaway. Locals don't call the island Redplum anymore, they refer to it as Shark Island... what could possibly go wrong you ask? Well, near the island is an apparently closed down research facility... still wondering what could go wrong? Well in those few sentences I've just used I've created more tension then in the entirety of the film! OK, so the research facility hasn't closed officially, they've been testing regeneration and they've been testing on sharks because they have a similar genetic make-up, apparently. The test subject, project "Bruce", escapes and starts attacking other sharks around Redplum island. Initially the attacked sharks are killed but they soon come back to life for more blood fuelled mayhem. The residents aren't safe; even if they aren't gobbled up by the sharks anybody who is bitten by a shark and survives becomes a zombie further endangering the populous of the island. Even with the help from the head of security at the research facility, Max Cage (Jason London), it's going to be a tough fight for survival.

The CGI is dire and embarrassing at best. How can a film from 2015 look so poor and cheap? I knew this was going to be a poor film before I started watching, it's a Sy-Fy film so of course it was going to be bad. It's typical of the poor films they pump out but at least some of those bad films at least have one or two redeeming features, maybe an original story, maybe tongue in cheek humour - this film had nothing redeeming and the film took itself far too seriously which is it's own downfall. The acting is pathetic and the characters seem to do things which will leave you shouting at the screen in frustration. Jason London is perhaps the most seasoned of the actors in this film and I struggled to believe him. The script is bad, the plot is predictable and the... oh let's face it, it's all pretty poor.

In summary, I think somebody at Sy-Fy had some money left over from one of the "Sharknado" films and decided they had better spend it. That person probably had a nagging girlfriend or relative that desperately wanted to be in a movie but had no acting experience. They also had a friend who promised to write a brilliant story. Combine those things and hey presto you have this film; a film that you could only enjoy if you were drinking heavily and not really watching the film at all but it was on in the background. Sorry, 2 out of 10.

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