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Zordon of Eltar
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How Zordon became what he is and how he obtained the power coins as well as hidden secrets that have changed the lives of humanity forever.

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Zordon of Eltar online movie review - A great fan-film on Zordon's Origins

I happen to be a big fan of the Power Rangers franchise ever since I was a boy of 9 years of age when I first saw the re-runs of Seasons 1 and 2 in 1995. It's a great thing that the director and writer of this movie decided to create a movie about Zordon's origins, but how he envisions it of course.

I really enjoyed the nods and appearances of characters from Power Rangers: Turbo, In Space, Masked Rider, MMPR: The Movie and many more. But one thing I wish made an appearance was one of the most important and well known villains of MMPR.

So I gotta say he did awesome in making nods to non-Power Rangers shows, movies and video games such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Final Fantasy, DBZ and many more which was cool. Although it's sad that he won't make the Teenagers With Attitude sequel due to lack of funds at kickstarter.

It's an enjoyable fan film to watch on YouTube, I liked it better than that R-Rated version of MMPR.

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