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A homeless man is recruited by a bunch of rich kids to fight other impoverished people.

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Cardboard Boxer online movie review - A Outreach

It's a hard movie to fully understand, let's say that. The movie was truly a roller coaster of emotions.

Not everything made sense like why couldn't Willie read cursive or how did Pinky die (Btw that scene was so heart-breaking), but has a complete backstory behind it. So far, this is one of the movies I have watched in 2016 that haven't suck. Summary: Willie, a homeless man, is lost in emotions until he finds a diary from the disposal of a house fire. Willie reads through it, but it's in cursive so he meets Pinky to help him read it. Pinky's story is more complete than Willie's being that he was a purple heart veteran and has PTSD from a horrific event. Don't want to spoil what happens to Pinky, but Willie has to fight his own friends( the homeless) to survive out in the streets. After his friend's death, Willie feels lonely like he did something wrong, that he was nothing. Money coming from rich teens who love messing around with the hopeless. Willie soon loses it and wants to sacrifice himself to the army to use as a "human shield". The Military thankfully decline. After one of the teens try to burn his diary to make him fight, he goes to the hospital from burn marks. There, he recites the first log of the diary. Someone hears him and listens. I'm glad she wasn't dead, as I thought he was talking to no one. Major Spoiler.... He recovers after a certain time span, and sees a recognizable girl. The girl from the diary. They hug, as Willie was her angel her mother sent for her.

Response: People say the story doesn't make sense, but once you analyze it, everything falls into place. I usually don't do reviews, but this movie inspired me. Btw I hate how the trailer reveal the ending. Just why you know.

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