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Operation Mekong
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Chinese narco-cops take their mission to the Golden Triangle following the Mekong River massacre of innocent fishermen by the region's drug lord.

Operation Mekong online movie review - Badly done and inaccurate

5 stars only because of the first 5 or 10 minutes, which were well done. Anything after that, with the exception of the final moments is absolute and total nonsense.

It is said in the end that the film is based on real events, and true enough, the very basics of the story are correct. That is that 13 Chinese sailors were murdered, and drugs found on them. Who murdered them remains a mystery, but there is a good chance it wasn't the men executed for it. The movie purports to tell the official version agreed upon by the Chinese and Thai governments, but it fails at it too. The action scenes are unreal, like the ones you would expect from a grade B American action film. The green screen in some places was more than obvious thanks to bad lighting. What was supposed to be a jungle in some places is clearly an artificial forest. The men who are supposed to be speaking Shan are speaking Thai. There's also the issue with some of the characters that are very out of place (their ethnicities wouldn't per it them to become drug lords)

Finally, the antagonists are all depicted as crazed men who train kids high on drugs to be soldiers. Without any spoilers: absolutely unreal. The real life drug lords of the Golden Triangle supported their communities to gain their trust and help when needed. They build schools and clinics and were called fathers. This film is bad, twists a real story unil it's unrecognizable, and is just badly done!

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